The Translated Fan Game

Are you a big fan of Korean drama? Do you also love Japanese accessories, games, and apps but are unable to use them because of the language difference? Wondered whether you would be able to play the Japanese video games with proper knowledge and communication?

The introductory intro

Here comes the mother 3 fan translation which is localisation of mother 3 completely translated in the English language. The game is a fan translation completed by the fan community named as earthbound with their own tools and hundred hours of hard work to start with. The project was started right after the release of mother 3 in 2006 and was completed in the year of 2008 with success of 100,000 downloads per week.

The game is still unofficial and illegal, however, it is available to each and every country and the players.

The gamer’s gameplay

This video game is designed as a role-playing genre and is a single-player game in the series of mother video games. There is a vital involvement of dangerous weapons, solid armors, comfortably fitting accessories, beneficial power points as well as multiple defensive attributes in various game levels. The currency, power points, and hit points can be used by the players to upgrade their characters, enhance the attributes and in purchasing other vital items as and when required. These are exceptionally earned by fighting and winning the game battles with the virtual dangerous opponents of mother 3 fan translation. The environment is transformed into that of a battlefield whenever the players face their opponents or even spots them in their near surroundings. Then comes the uniquely designed combinational system of music in this latest chapter of the mother series. The players can attack their enemies repeatedly by pressing on the music button in correspondence to the background beats, music, and rhythms. The hit points allow helps the players in buying them time to heal themselves whenever injured or exhausted.

The game’s storyline and plot

The story of this series is effectively told in a total of 8 chapters with the exclusion of a prologue. When the peaceful family town is invaded and brutally attacked by the army of pig masks on a peacefully dark night, flint finds himself rescuing the helpless villagers. After returning home, he finds his wife hinawa missing. When searched by the entire dwellers of the family village, he is informed of his wife’s death by Drago, an unlikely wild creature to be described precisely. In his fury and grief, he starts brutally attacking the village people and gets locked up in the village jail. There he is rescued by his children namely, Lucas and Alec who have sworn to revenge their mother’s death form that wild Drago. They indulge in a despicable fight with Drago and the fight results in the heavy loss of Claus.

After three long years of the mishappening, flint and Alec find themselves at the pity and sympathy of the villages ruled by the army of pig masks. Controlled by the ruthless army, the town was now transformed into a more social and industrial society. Flint continues his search for drago as well as Claus. On their journey they find the truth about the pig masks; army head which is that in order to seek immortality, the head of the army has been traveling continuously through time and relevantly through space as well. This has delayed the aging process of the army head as well as aided him in attaining immortality in this vitally mortal world. Then flint finds himself astonished with another truth in relevance of Claus. He finds out that after being brainwashed by the pigmasks, Claus has been the needle puller and a vital helper of the army head of pig masks. Later, while facing each other on the battlefield, the attacks of the possessed Claus weakens and he dies in the arms of his brother, Lucas after succumbing to the injuries of himself. In his fury and grief of his brother’s death, Lucas devastatingly pulls out the last needle and ends up destroying the world; fading it into a big black screen that is free of all the evil and greedy residents.

Steps to play the English translation

  • One should have the running unzipped program downloaded and installed on one’s gaming platforms like laptops, computers and other digital devices.
  • The original game of mother 3 rom in the Japanese language should be downloaded on the gaming platform from the trusted video game providers.
  • There should be an effectively advanced emulator of Gameboy downloaded on the gaming platform.
  • The game’s English translation available patches should be installed next in the process of setting up the mother 3 fan translation video game.
  • Then start with the unzipping of all the downloaded files into a newly created folder.
  • Without providing the location of the game’s room, one should start the translated patch already downloaded on the gaming console.
  • Next, run the installed emulator, load the patched game and start playing without any delay.
  • Now, the players can conveniently experience the wonderful game and mind-blowing battlefield moves to go with.

The cheats

There is an unlimited list of innumerous cheat codes for the players who are stuck on a level or bored of the specific available features in the game. There are cheat codes for everything like there is a master code for no encounters, a code for debug room, a code for getting hit combos, a code for withdrawal, a code for changing Lucas’s stats, a code for maximizing as well as doubling the exp points after getting engaged in a battle, a code for opening gift boxes, a code for healing and there exist a code for changing the highest attainability level as well.

Whenever asked by a beginner for the helpful tips for playing the game, the players are told to check each and every corner of the room and explore every part of the arena so as to never miss any hidden powers, skills or extensively the fun.