Experience the Classic Game Gem: Mother 1 Rom

MOTHER, the first part of the Mother series, was released on 27th July 2018 in Japan for the Family Computer (Famicom), an 8-bit video game console by Nintendo. It was created by the famous and beloved Japanese copywriter, Shigesato Itoi. The mother 1 rom gained immense popularity as soon as it was released and its legacy continues every after 20 years. The game series was shortly followed up by the Mother 2 and Mother 3 games and a whole compilation.

The inspiration for MOTHER came from the discovery of Dragon Quest by the creator. He instantly loved the game and wanted to create a game himself which can become the first RPG in a modern setting. He made the game to the whole new adventure and impressed the gaming community at that time with its originality and uniqueness. The game still has a special place in the hearts of classic game lovers.

Though when this game became popular it posed a tricky hurdle for a lot of western fans as it was set in Japanese and was tough for the western (and other) communities to really understand. TO solve this problem a lot of dedicated fans took the challenge upon themselves and created a translation version that can be easily availed. Nevertheless, no version of MOTHER ever comprised of the quality and content of the original mother 1 rom game.

Tips for Playing MOTHER 1 rom

Though MOTHER was a huge hit in the 1980-90s, it is a little tough for the modern-day fans to experience the same joy that the initial fans felt while playing the game. It’s often because of the rapid developments and improvements of the game which now feel like an entirely different game. If the reason why you are playing mother 1 rom is to go back to the first series and relive it, then you might find yourself struggling a bit in handling and feeling the game. So, here are a few tips that can help you get into the game better and maybe enjoy it even more!

Do not compare

Comparing the initial, first game with the latest version is a grave mistake, especially Earthbound. Remember that this game was made in 1989 and that time the best resources were used to produce it. With the advent of advanced technology, obviously, the specifics of the game would improve over the years. If you rather focus on enjoying the game for what it originally was, you would really find it amusing and interesting.


With the game been made in the 1980s, there are a lot of changes and bugs that would encounter as you move forward in the game. Be patient and work your way through. For some of the bugs there are even free to install patches available which are developed by the fan community of the game. Some fan-recreated versions even have the mother 1 rom with the same original content but without those weird bugs and glitches.

Easy Ring

Some recreated versions of the game offer an item called the ‘Easy Ring’. When you equip the easy ring, you can get a lot more rewards and play without having to fight a pointless number of battles with the enemy to gain more points. The ring can increase the exp and money you loot from the enemies by a huge margin. You don’t need to worry about the game being unfair due to the use of an easy ring. It would not make the ‘too easy’ but simply less annoying and smooth to play.

The map

IT is quite possible in this game that you often find yourself lost amidst nowhere and have no idea where to go and what to do next. To avoid such cases, it is advised that you use the world map which is shown when you hit the start button. Also, you should use the basic logic of heading to the nearest town (if you see one) or any black dot the map. Yes, the graphics are not very pleasing for the 21st century but at least you can prevent yourself from getting lost.

Special buttons

When you want to run around faster than normal. Then you should press the R button. Even when you are walking outside randomly, you may come across random enemies. TO spot them easily, you should press L button or use the ‘Check’ option. If there is a presence of enemies, it will show you that there is danger lurking by or in case, there are no enemies then it’ll simply state the default that there is nothing there.

Speed up the battle text

It’s really frustrating to go through the same lines over and over again without having the option to skip or completely cancel it. The annoying pace it has made it even more of a headache. To save yourself from such misery, you should turn up the speed of the battle text to the maximum and save some of your previous time.

The Ultimate Challenge: Duncan Factory

If you are not using cheats or have previously played this part, you would probably not know what Duncan factory is. It’s basically located far, far away on the map. The furthest you can get. Though you might eventually reach it you can easily forget your way back to use the bread to leave a trail of bread crumbs. The factory itself is really tough and is said to be the ultimate challenge in the game.

Don’t rush it

Don’t be in a hurry to finish the game. Mother 1 rom isn’t about who finishes first, rather it’s about persevering through each section of the game and enjoying every challenge. Complete all challenges you possibly can and explore new places. Just don’t rush it.

In the end, all that needs to be said is that mother 1 rom is truly a gem in the world of RPG games. One of the earliest contributions in the gaming industry laid the foundation for the most popular gaming series to date.