Mother 3 Rom English: The Emotional Sensation Of Japan

The Japanese based game, Mother 3, is a popular video game that was released on April 20, 2006. The credit to the game’s development goes to the two diligent developer industries, Brownie Brown and HAL Laboratory. The game was published by the Japanese infamous multinational consumer electronics and video game company, Nintendo, to be operated on the children’s ever-favorite handheld video game console, Game Boy Advance. The game revolves around the main protagonist Lucas, who with his friends and supporters, attempts to save the world from a dreadful invasion by some mysterious army. The game has been named Mother by keeping in mind, the theme of the game. In the entire game, characters do not have any mothers and to realize the importance of a mother’s love, care, and affection, the game has been designed on this special theme. Its development began in 1994 and after twelve years of diligence and perspiration, the game was finally developed. It was tested on four different consoles before its final launching to check the compatibility of the game-device relationship. The game was re-launched in 2016 for the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan.

Mother 3, the sequel of Japan’s most prominent game Earthbound, was never released outside of Japan. Though it earned an unofficial Mother 3 ROM English version fan translation which actually gathered a hefty amount of one lakh downloads and existed on virtual consoles because of the gaming enthusiasts, it never got an official international release. For the fantastic graphic visuals, music quality and unique story, the game received a huge hype among the youngsters on the launch.

The amazing Gameplay

The game is shown in a top-down perspective and is hence, a two dimensional game with a promising storyline. The players may come across none playable characters in the game and have a conversation with them. Also, they may go on collecting various items laid out in the game while exploring their world and the players also need to confront dreadful enemies on the way to endure in the game. On encountering the enemies, the player needs to initiate a fight and upon winning, is awarded Experience Points which are a crucial part of getting a level-up in the game. Individual attributes, like Hit Points, PowerPoints, Offence and Defence are strengthened which last long until the game ends, are awarded to a player on bagging the level-up. If a player gets wounded and the Hit Points or PowerPoints drop down as a result, then the player can explore a hot spring, which he may find sooner than expected as they are present almost everywhere in their world, for the healing process. Visiting the hot springs restore the Point meters and the player gets strong again. The game’s Currency is called Dragon Points and is brought up in the later half of the game. The currency can be earned by winning battles against various enemies and is ultimately used to buy various items in the game. Frogs are the omnipresent part of the entire game. When the game needs to be saved, the player needs to talk to the frogs. When the player needs to deposit money or withdraw the money, the player needs to talk to the Frogs.

When a player comes down to the battle, the screen undergoes a transition from the cheery world screen to a dusty and distorted battlefield screen. First Person perspective is used while a player is in a battle mode. Certain purchased items can be used to refill the Hit Points or PowerPoints meters and the game also tames characters that have psychic powers in them. They can also attack enemies by using their psychic abilities. The attacks conducted using psychic help are much stronger and require a good amount of PowerPoints. When a player is hurt or injured, the Hit Points come into play and the character gradually heals itself. But if the character has no Hit Points left, then the character lay immovable until some other player brings it back to life.

The Intriguing Plot

The story of this intriguing game is outlined through the medium of eight short chapters with an additional prologue. The game is visualized in the fictional realm of Nowhere Islands, after the events of the previous game, Mother 2, the second game in the series of Mother Game. The story travels back to the night when the city of Tazmily gets brutally attacked by a secretive army of Pigmask and is bathed in the shower of bombs. The protagonist’s father, Flint, rescues his son and one of the villagers and returns home, eventually finding a letter from his wife Hinawa, who went out to meet her father, Alec. Himawari and Flint are the parents of twins: Lucas, the protagonist, and Claus. When the rain washes down the village, Flint sets to find his wife but convinces himself that she is dead, upon listening to villagers of the character named Drago who killed her. Claus grows up killing T-Rex like creatures in the forests, thinking they were responsible for the death of his mother, while Lucas grows up to be a shy but strong boy. The characters keep fighting to keep their world safe from the Pigmask army and at last, the screen goes black saying the characters will take a new birth in the next version of the game’s world.

What is the most unique feature of the game?

The best and most engaging feature of the game is its musical combo feature which lets a player hit almost sixteen times at the enemy while the best plays in the background of the battlefield if the player presses the specific button at the perfect timing when the beat sounds.

As Mother 3 did not receive any official release outside Japan, released a fan translation which is Mother 3 ROM English version. When the game was to be launched, it stayed on the top five most wanted games list of Famitsu in Japan. The game instantly gathered glories and became a bestseller upon release.