Play The Most Exciting Game Mother 3 Rom

A role playing fiesta Mother 3 Rom is a game which was developed by brownie hall in collaboration with HAL laboratory and upon completion of formation was published by Nintendo for the publishers of Game Boy Advance. The game is the final sequel streak to the previous versions of the game and was released in the year 2006. The main plotline of the game is based upon the character of Lucas who a small town boy has psychic abilities. He along with the other characters uses this power to prevent the attacks and the invasions from the mysterious armies and hence prevent the world from corruption and destruction.

A glimpse to the Mother legacy and appraisals

Just like the previous parts Mother 3 is a game which involves the combat from a top to down perspective with the enemy. The development of the game took 12 years to complete and usage of 4 consoles was required in the game. The game turned up to be one of the most critically acclaimed and commercial success specially for the complex work done in the domain of visual interface like that of graphics, the sound, the interactive story of the game and mostly for it being a complete package of almost all the perfect mixtures of different plots and twists. Some people believed that Mother 3 was one of the to-date perfectionist games which gave an altogether new aspect of working to all the games that developed under the domain of role-playing fiestas.

The game eventhough upon its huge success remained restricted to Japan. Although an English translation version was generated which received high acclaim and download frequency of about 100,000 downloads in a week the game still never released beyond Japan. Within Japan the game of Mother 3 rom faced many re-releases each time with a new feature or a setting to look up to.

The gameplay

As discussed earlier Mother 3 is a video game with the setting of a single player action execution. The player has a control over some playable characters within the game whom he controls to dig out various information and combat the mysterious invasions. The characters are able to access the fiction world incorporating only two dimensions which are portrayed in the game through the perspective of top to down visibility.

While the gamer plays through the arena of the over-world he has the ability to talk to the other characters which as such appear to be non-player. Through the means and the guidance from these characters the player can obtain various items and use them in encountering the enemies. As many of these battles won every battle presents a reward. With each battle won the experience points are awarded to the winning entities. These points are considered to be quite important for leveling up of the gameplay. Through the action of leveling up the attributes of the character like that of the Hit points, the Power Points, offense and the defense automatically level up permanently. As the game progresses the armories and the weapons can also be enhanced and equipped with upon usage inclusion of certain armories and weapons the attributes and the traits of the players are enhanced which help in boosting of the character and the gameplay.

As the part of the aftermaths or the battlefield healing program the player can take up the restoration formats wherein they can visit the hot springs and talk the frogs to save the game and combat the enemies moreover the various other ailments through which a layer is going through can also be treated within the game through visiting these hot spring baths and spending time away from the battlefield healing.

The game also hones a currency which is introduced in the second half of the game by the name of the Dragon points. These points can be earned by winning the battles and combating the enemy party with fearlessness and precision. Upon the earning of these Dragon points the player can spend these as per his free will to purchase items of use and hence become well equipped and enhance the winning capabilities and streaks.

The battle system of Mother 3

Even in this trilogy of Mother games a outlook of turn- based battle is retained. Whenever a player has to combat an enemy or a member of the opposite party the screen automatically turns into a battlefield. These battles can be viewed from the perspective of a first person. The enemies are shown in the distorted view over the animated arena. The work of the player is to assign each character from the party to perform a particular task which includes works like attacking the enemies, restoring points and gaining the healing or the power points.

Some of the characters in the game of Mother 3 Rom have the abilities which are psychic. These abilities can be used to predict the future and these abilities can also be utilized strongly heal and plant stronger attacks faster.

Other features and working

The battle involves playing and injuring. Upon an injury to any player of the party the health meter goes down gradually till the player is severely injured to die. The decrementation of the character that appears henceforth helps the character to attack invisibly and also heal themselves but these steps require fast execution and even faster actions of implementation. If all of the healing power is lost then the character renders unconsciousness up till the point some other character intervenes to help and revive the unconscious character back.

A battle is lost by the player If all the characters of his party lay unconscious. Upon the occurrence of this scenario a player is spawned back to the checkpoint nearest to the activity of dying however with this fresh start the Dragon Points of the player decrease to half.


The game was one of the Japan’s Top selling games and received a name in the Platinum Hall of Fame. It was rated as among one of the best innovations in the realm of single play role players as this game almost set an example of being.