Things You Need To Know About Mother ROM

Emulation is the process of software which is designed to make the pc believe itself to be a gaming console. An emulator mimics whatever the gaming console is in question (Gameboy, Nintendo, PlayStation) and one can load ROMs on it which are the virtual game disks.

Mother, a role-playing video game series that was released on 27th July 1989, was quite a hit in Japan. It came to be known as Earthbound outside Japan. Mother was originally released on the Gameboy Advance Platform which is one of the easiest consoles to emulate and there is plenty of free software out there to do that.

What is ROM?

ROM or read-only memory is a sort of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic platforms. After the assembling of the memory device, the data stored in ROM cannot be electronically changed. ROM is beneficial for storing software that is seldom modified throughout the course of the system, hence sometimes known as firmware.

How did Mother ROM come into existence?

Shigesato Itoi, a celebrity copywriter tossed his idea for a new video game that will take place in the contemporary world to Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s lead designer while visiting the company for some other work. Although Miyamoto was in favor of his idea of the ‘role-playing genre’, he was a bit hesitant about the whole concept until Itoi totally committed to this project. Itoi created a team and started working on this project in Ichikawa. Meanwhile, Nintendo was trying to provide Itoi an absolute working situation. He wrote the script of Mother and later Ape developed the game and Nintendo published it.

Mother was then covered in English-language and was called EarthBound, but was dropped when the development team preferred to work on Mother 2. The public recovered the whole localization of the game in English- language and took the help of the internet to share the game after a few years. This game was called EarthBound Zero.

Finally, after years in 2015 Mother officially received its English language release on the Wii U Virtual Console and with the name EarthBound Beginnings. As interpreted by Itoi, this version was set in the latter part of the 20th century US and not in a fantasy genre like its Japanese version.

And that is how Mother ROM came into existence.

How Mother ROM English version different from its Japanese version?

In the Mother ROM English version, the player usually fights in laboratories and warehouses with their psychic abilities and the help of baseball bats. While in the Japanese version, players would fight is standard dungeons with swords and magic.

The English version of the video game or Mother ROM English is about young Ninten who uses his psychic powers to fight opposed, earlier lifeless objects and other enemies. The game utilizes arbitrary encounters to start the menu-based and first-person attitude battle system.


When Mother 3 was released, Itoi declared that he had no plans to develop Mother 4 which he had confirmed repeatedly. When asked further questions about his decision, he stated that out of all the three games from the series, he only had the strongest urge to create the first Mother game and it was made for video game players. Then, he made the second part as a research of his interest and wanted to create the third part without any boundaries and explore more.

Also, there is an absence of support for the Mother ROM series. However, despite a few fans had written petitions and tried their best, as of 2015, Itoi still denied and he clearly stated that he has no plans in making the fourth game of the series.


More about the gaming series

The Mother ROM series is well known for its blend of humorous and emotionally reminiscent tones. the creator wanted to show Mother 3 through a procedure that interchanged the active player-character, which he first tried in EarthBound.

Both of the games have a comparable visual style, psychedelic battle backgrounds, and cartoon type art. Even both the games’ battle system is similar. Though completely new, Mother 3’s music is similar in tone to its prequel games and has alike sound effects. All the games some similarities or other. The original game and its sequels have similarities like the game save option via phoning Ninten’s father, also the option to stock things with Ninten’s sister at her home and the teller machine for saving money. Also, characters like Giygas, Pokey/Porky and Mr. Saturn are present in various entries of the series.


The soundtrack of the game series

Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka composed the soundtrack of both Mother and EarthBound. The Mother soundtrack includes numerous tracks that were later used in succeeding series games. Itoi chose Shogo Sakai when both Suzuki and Tanka were not able to give his commitment to Mother 3’s soundtrack. Shogo Sakai worked hard to make the tune feel the same as that of the previous soundtracks.


Is it a fun game?

Mother ROM  is very fun. Although there is a lack of fan support and Mother 4 is never coming out, the little fan base it has is the strongest. The fan community is a bunch of smart intellect and artsy people. The best thing about the game series is the sense of humor, its originality, and the parody. In our personal opinion, we think the game is super cool. After all, you get to be a character who fights against enemies that involve aliens and brainwashed human figures and you get to fight them with a weapon and psychic powers.

Trademark factors of these game series are the joyous approach to plot, battle arrays with mind-blowing backgrounds, and most importantly the “rolling HP meter”. Player’s health goes down like an odometer rather than directly being subtracted hence it further allows the players to take precautions. They can either heal or finish the battle before their injury is fully dealt with.

Overall if this game is different and is a must-play.