Know The Complete Family Series Of Mother 1+2 English Rom

Most of the video games come in the entire series while some might just be the individual version. In this article, you get complete detail on a role-playing video game named Mother. Mother is a video game with series mother, mother 2 and mother 3. Since the game is based on a role-playing version which means the players are supposed to control the characters of the game that are immersed in real-world like scenarios. The Mother video game series is known as Mother for the Famicom company of japan in 1989, Mother 2 by the name of EarthBound outside Japan in 1994 and Mother 3 for Game by advance in 2006. Nintendo is a Japanese multinational video game company that has written the series with the developer being Brownie Brown. It supports the family computer, super NES, game boy advance and Nintendo 3Ds platform. All these platforms are home gaming console of size 8 bits, 16 bits and 32 bits respectively for the first three platforms while the latter one is a three-dimensional console with additional effects. Mother is a fun, humorous and parody kind of gaming series built around the Dragon Quest America published series. The mother 1+2 english rom built in japan is known by the name of EarthBound outside japan and in named like this in the context of the combined features of Mother1+2.


The history of Mother

Itoi a Japanese celebrity copywriter while visit on Nintendo made a talk with the company’s designer named Miyamoto on constructing a role-playing video gaming genre. The idea was appreciated by Miyamoto and thus a team was formed and development was started in Ichikawa Chiba, a place located in western japan approximately 20 km from Tokyo. Soon Itoi wrote the script and Nintendo published the game in 1989 for Famicom. Later the team processed for the mother 2 instead series and later the series got its English language mode.

The game is based on single-player mode which needs a single player to control the character throughout the course of the game. It is role-based means somewhat drama is included in the storyline of the game. The genre is also slightly fantasy based and includes some imaginary mythological and folk tale-like characters in the game. The young Ninten character follows in the game that uses physic powers to fight the rivals and overcome obstacles.


The mother 2 series

  • The original team responsible for the development of Mother did not contribute much in the making of the Mother2 and a new team was developed to do the same.
  • Most of the team members were unmarried at that time and were willing to work at night and extra hours. This time Itoi other than writing the script served as the designer also.
  • The game was under the repeated threat of getting cancelled until Saturo Iwata joined the team. Mother 2 again got publishes and released by Nintendo in Japan’s Famicom which is a famous 16 bit home gaming console.
  • Though technically in the Japanese language, but was released in English for the United States western audiences by the name of mother 2 though known as EarthBound in japan.
  • Around $2 million was spent in marketing by Nintendo. RPG was not popular at that time in the United States when it witnessed the EarthBound release. For the super NES console, the game did not receive much support and experienced poor sales which made the Europeans deprived of these games.
  • Itoi being the mastermind for the entire concept and evolution of the game, always kept on insisting on new features and characters in the game.


The development of Mother 3 game

  • Mother 1+2 English Rom was released in 2003 on Japan. It consisted of both the original Mother and Mother 2 series combined cartridge. The unreleased English language prototype still followed the release however the game is still present in Japanese.
  • Unlike the previous versions, the latest Mother 3 video game is presented in chapters.
  • Mother 3 is a single-player mode and enables the players to control a role throughout the game.
  • The game comes with two buttons one for controlling the conversations and adjusting the objects around and another button for running and other motions.
  • Other than the addition rolling meter HP, which is a health measuring attribute associated to an entity, the game version mostly resembles to the Mother 2.


The series future

Itoi had no plans on the making of the Mother 4 while celebrating the success of mother 3 on its 2006 release. The first version of the series was created by Itoi to enable players invest their time in something interested and hence the creation of Mother Series begun. The further Mother2 was developed on his personal interests and hence following it the mother 1+2 english rom came. To get wilder with these explorations the final and the current Mother 3 series also came into the picture. Some events stating teg Victory of the game are given below.

  • The game recorded it stop selling in the Wii u virtual Console and the players had an amazing and positive response in the reviews of the game.
  • In an interview conducted in 2015, Itoi once again denied his plans on creating Mother 4 game, despite a fan request and feedback.
  • On return of this latest version after 20 long years, the release was stated to be a momentous event by people and other authorities.
  • The game is a random combination of humor, action, fiction and adventure making it fun for players to play and the positive reviews.


Sum up

The gaming series developed an image of Japan’s most loved video games. More people are involved in the designing team as they contributed to the game’s amazing soundtracks, audio, graphics, video quality and more. The idea started by Itoi is lead forward successfully by other team members’ contributions and efforts. The game is the result of a creative mind and smart work strategies by the entire team.