Combined Cartridge Of Mother Series Mother 1+2 Rom For Console

Everybody is fascinated by games. There is a lot more variety of games present today in the market. Also, there are different platforms for playing them. And among all the platform video has its own pace. Video games were very popular in the early days when computers were just developed. With new technology, video games also developed and now being called a console. Mother is one of the game series published by Nintendo. They also launched mother 1+2 rom where both the versions were present in the one cartridge. This was to promote the next mother 3 of the mother series. The game was launched only in Japan, and for North America, they launch the same game with name earthbound.

Mother the series                                       

Mother is the video games series having three games, mother, mother 2, mother 3. It is a role-playing game scripted by Shigesato Itoi. It is famous for its humor, parody, and originality. It has many fighting scenes where the player has to fight with enemies which are animated objects, brainwashed peoples and aliens. It has a rolling HP meter that ticks down. The player’s health is not instantly subtracted but decreases gradually. This gives time to the player to decide further fighting according to their health. The game mother 3 was announced for Game Boy Advance in 2006. Also, they rerelease mother 1 and mother 2 in the combined cartridge, mother 1+2 rom.  This was meant to promote mother 3. It used 2D graphics style and become the bestseller. They also have earthbound and earthbound beginnings as part of their series as the English release of mother 2 and mother respectively released outside Japan.


Mother is the first game of the series. Mother was published by Nintendo, developed by ape and released on 27 July 1989 in Japan for Famicom (Nintendo outside Japan). It is a role-playing, single-player video game. Mother is not the fantasy genre game like other Japanese games. The player has to use its physic power and a baseball bat to fight instead of sword and magic. A young boy named Ninten has to use his power to travel around the world and collect eight melodies to save the world from evil mind-controlling aliens. The game used a random encounter.

Mother 2

Shigesato Itoi serves as a designer and wrote a script for the game. The team behind this game was completely different from the first one. The team was very dedicated and worked through the night on the project. The expected time of the project was five years but it took longer for completion. Also, there were repeated threats of cancellation but then producer Satoru Iwata joined the team and sort all out. Finally, the game was released on 27 August 1994. Published by Nintendo and developed by Ape and HAL. Giygas reappears and continues the story of a mother in its second part. The young boy named ness this time is the hero of the game. A future bee instructs him to collect eight melodies from sound stone to stop the forces. While travelling he team up with others named Jeff – a physic girl, Poo – martial artist and Paula – an eccentric inventor. In one of the missions, Ness travels back to fight with young Giygas. The game was characterized by its unconventional characters, humor and enemies.

Mother 1+2

The mother 1+2 rom is developed by ape and HAL and published by Nintendo for Game Boy Advance. It was released on 20 June 2003. The game was developed for promoting the new mother 3 game in the series. It has both the previous games it the same cartridge. The story and gameplay is the same as in mother and mother 2. Tomato has released a hack for the game. It contains an optional ‘Easy Ring’ that decreases the difficulty of the game. It doubles your experience and prize money. This was added to make the game easy for fans by reducing the high level of difficulty. In mother 1+2 rom you can play both the games from only one cartridge.

Mother 3

Mother 3 was announced in 1996. There were questions about the game and the team struggled. Therefore in 2000, the game was cancelled. Three years later in 2003 the game was again announced for Game Boy Advance. New mother 3 abounded the 3D graphics. The game was published by Nintendo and developed by HAL and Brownie Brown. Released on 20 April 2006 in Japan and become the bestseller. Different from the other games from the series, mother 3 consists of different chapters. Lucas, a boy is the hero of the game. He is unknown of the fact and in the fourth chapter realizes that he is the chosen one. A combined mother 1+2 rom was also announced with mother 3 for its promotion.

More information about mother and its development

After the release of mother 3, Itoi the person behind the mother series says he doesn’t have any plans for the next sequel mother 4. With these fans show a lot of interest and support for the mother series. Draft petitions were released and different fan arts were published. With the developer showing little response, the fan themselves developed the localized mother 3. The fan community was so big and they were so interested in the series that they also produce a mother 4. Mother 1, mother 1+2 rom, mother 3 were not released outside Japan.

The mother series is famous for its combination of humorous and emotionally evocative tones. Mother 3 has a psychedelic battle background and cartoonish art style. Mother series has so many instructing and funny functions like a rolling HP meter, calling father to save the game, storing items with sister and also an ATM for money. The game has a random encounter system where the fight scenes are random. It receives a “silver hall of fame” score (31/40) from a Japanese reviewer. The mother 1+2 rom was popular and was included in the top list of games with other games of the series.